I live in Seattle with my lovely husband and our delightful Catahoula dogs amidst lots of chaos and laughter. And fur. We’ve been exploring the Pacific Northwest for a few years – we can be found in a light and bright home with the smells of good food and the sounds of family and friends.  And fur.


I grew up as an “oil brat,” traveling around the world on the heels of adventurous parents who called an atlas a wishing book.  I got the travel bug from them at a very young age, and have roamed all my life - with family or friends, alone, with my husband, and with first one and now two dogs. 

In every culture, people come together over food and wine. I went to culinary school because I wanted to bring people together, from farm to table to community.  I picked up a camera to capture those moments that bring us joy and bring us together.